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I have met Debi over 20 years ago by sheer accident: waiting for a doctor’s visit in the same building Debi’s office was at the time. The door had a sign “Moonlight Enterprises” and when a woman came out of the office I asked her what was this about. She told me it was a […]

Nicole W

I have been coming to Debi for 8 years now, and I must say she is good at her craft. I not only go to her for her abilities but also as a friend. I typically will meet with her for a reading once a year and she never disappoints- from love, to career, to […]


Debi, unlike others, takes her time with you. You can also feel her unconditional love and grace; she genuinely wants to help, to give you your own power of positivity, to teach you to open your own doors of destiny. She is a true counselor in this very real, ultimately important sense.


Debi Blackey is truly amazing. It was my first reading at 49 years old and before I sat in her chair she knew things that no one could possibly know unless they were inside my head. She is not only reading your past, present and future, but, she is truly compassionate about your life.


First, Debi is a teacher. At the beginning of a reading she explains your lifes path through numerology. The belief that we are here for a purpose, to learn lessons, and possibly help others with their lessons is the most important message she teaches.


I have to admit that I didn’t come to Debi 3 years ago looking for guidance. Rather, I came to be entertained. I wanted to see if this psychic stuff was all it cracked up to be. So I went in with an open mind, hoping that I would be impressed. During the reading, Debi […]


I have known Debi Blackey and she has read me for over 10 years.


She has revealed to me the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY and she has done this over and over again with complete understanding, deep courage and humility and most importantly sheer grace. As I am writing this, I am thinking back to so many times of what she had predicted for me that have come to pass.


What can I say about Debi; I had been recommended to see Debi through a mutual friend and from the first time I met with her she immediately told me things that no one knew so I was even more intrigued to hear what more she had to say during that first reading.

Jamiliah & Adam

I had gone to a few psychics in the past, some good and others okay…but I was still on a search to find someone who I could consult on a regular basis. My husband and I found Debi through a friend.