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True, honest feed back from some of my clients over the years!

  • 1. I’ve known Debi Blackey for several years now. When it comes to accuracy, her gift is not only remarkable, it is unmatched. But there is one thing that especially sets Debi Blackey apart from other psychics – she cares – genuinely. Debi’s intention is not merely to share her gift through a string of mind boggling prophecies based on her special knowledge (that by the way, always take form in exactly the way she foretells), but to instead guide and help you. There is a genuineness to all she does. She at times will become concerned and almost disturbed when she finds that you have strayed from your path, therefore causing you to move in a direction that could possibly prove harmful. When you sit with Debi ,or speak with her on the telephone, (depending on the type of reading you may have chosen), you immediately sense her need, along with her desire, to give you the strength and knowledge you need, in an effort to provide you with a means of working through your particular situation. She has unhesitatingly helped (at any time she was asked-and at a moment’s notice), members of my family during times of great distress – and for that I will always be grateful. Should you believe that there are people amongst us who are truly gifted with uncanny knowledge and foresight, and if you find you are seeking the help of just such a person, then Debi Blackey is that person. I feel truly blessed that somewhere along the path of my journey through this world, I met and have come to know Debi Blackey – my special friend – who just happens to be an extraordinary intuitive. How fortunate are we all that in this crazy world we live in – she showed up. Thanks Debi -for everything.


  • 2. I am so fortunate to have met an incredible psychic reader named, Debi Blackey. I have sat with her and I was so amazed at her gift. She was absolutely correct in many things she knew already in addition to all the predictions she forecasted. Many events happened and when they did…I was speechless. For example, she told me my sister was going to relocate, when I was going to be moving, the type of school my daughter was going to be attending and much more. Even gave me excellent advice too! Debi is highly professional and I was so comfortable sitting with her for the reading. I will highly recommend her to all my friends and family. I spread the word as much as I can about her. So proud to know such a wonderful, caring, honest and sincere person! Thank you. Take care and be well! Warm Regards to all. Love ya!


  • 3. Wow! Debi Blackey amazed me so! Me, a complete stranger, being the guarded person that I am. But this was not for long for Debi had the ability to read me like a blueprint once we started. It was amazing! She gave me information that was so very true and I am now astonished to see many events unfolding with questions I had asked her and some things that helped me that she had wanted me to know. Many things I’d never thought could happen – did happen, nor were they things within my control to change in my future…they just happened. I’ve always had a good sense about people and I know that Debi is truly gifted in her readings and know how very fortunate we are that she is sharing her knowledge. She has been blessed with a very special gift and is a genuine, good and caring person. I am so very touched that I’d met Debi and our paths were able to cross and am sure that you will feel the same. I know that I will be reaching out to Debi again in the future.


  • 4. Well, I’ve seen you several times now and each time you have been EXTREMELY accurate. You have provided valuable insight for me in almost all areas of my life; from work and colleagues, to friends, real estate, and of course matters of the heart. In all areas the information you gave was very specific and has served me well. Even the things you said in passing – or what appeared, at the time, to be in passing – have unfolded with amazing accuracy. Not everything you said was “sunshine happy” – but it did put me on alert, which has made me more vigilant in some areas of my life and I am grateful for that. As I write this, I’m reminded of so many times that something has happened that I have thought of you and I think “damn, she was right – AGAIN!!!!!” You are a very gifted woman – thank you for sharing that gift – see you soon!


  • 5. I had gone to a few psychics in the past, some good and others okay…but I was still on a search to find someone who I could consult on a regular basis. My husband and I found Debbi through a friend. Our first visit to her was on a Saturday afternoon after my husband had just worked an overnight shift. My husband was tired, but I was compelled to make the trip because I was at a major crossroads, about to leave my job to finish my Master’s Degree and I needed some guidance. With Debbi it was different right away! We walked into her office, and she got us! My instincts knew that I had finally met my spiritual advisor, the person who I would turn to when I have reached a fork in my life’s path…and wanted/needed a little extra guidance. She has proven to be just that for us, and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! If you are looking for a psychic that can become your confidant, helper, clairvoyant, advisor, and friend…then Debi is the one for you. Each time we visit her she gets it right! Helping us understand not only ourselves but our families better. To Debi we thank you…wishing you all the best as you move your business forward! See you soon…
    Jamilah and Adam

  • 6. What can I say about Debi; I had been recommended to see Debi through a mutual friend and from the first time I met with her she immediately told me things that no one knew so I was even more intrigued to hear what more she had to say during that first reading. During that first reading she gave me information about myself in both my personal life and career path that have been more then invaluable to me. I have been to see Debi several times now and each time she has been more then accurate of what is going on in my life and one of the best things I can say about Debi aside from her special gift is that she is more then just a Physic she truly cares about people and helping people go get on their path to both happiness and career success.I am truly blessed to have someone like Debi in my life!

  • 7. The first time I met Debi Blackey was at a friends house for a readings party.
    i was going through a very trying time in my life. My path just didn’t seem quite right. Too much sadness, too much heartache. i needed answers. My friend suggested i come to her house for a psychic reading. I have always been open to this, so I said yes.
    As I sat patiently waiting for my turn (there were about 12 of us and I was next to last) Debi emerged from the room where the private readings were being held. Her hand was on her head and she was sneezing, one after the other, and muttering as she went down the hall to the ladies room.
    Needless to say, she was having a severe allergy attack and was also suffering from a terrible headache. UGH Ugh AHhhh – the culprit – allergic to the dog and also the fragrance from the candles my friend was burning. I was amazed at Debi and quite dumbfounded because she insisted to continue with the readings even though she felt lousy.
    I had an overwhelming need to try and help this woman somehow. My friend was out of Advils so i took Debi to my house (she did need some fresh air) but as we approached my front door she looked at me and said, OH NOooo CATS!!!!!!!! 3 cats, i told her. Good GOD have mercy I couldn’t let this poor woman (who was already suffering and i was afraid she would go into shock) in my house. I was frantic for her. So she waited outside and I brought her advils, claritin, robitussin and anything else I could find in there, besides a tall glass of water. Debi thought I was a crazy lady. I probably looked like a nut. But of course Debi saw the humor of it all – Dogs, headache and 3 cats, she burst out laughing and then so did I.
    Needless to say the readings continued and when it was my turn, I walked into the room and she said “The Cat Lady” – you look like a cat, I hope I don’t start sneezing. What amazed me was she didn’t even look up, she just knew it was me. I was flabbergasted.
    That was the beginning of a great friendship and I must add that my reading was the most insightful reading I ever had. Debi has walked me through many a crisis. Her selflessness in her readings along with her insight in the past, present and future still astounds me to this day, several years later. Her abilities are way beyond explanation. In hindsight, Debi is so gifted, she is the only psychic that can read me. I have been to many in my life and they could NOT read me.
    If I was searching for a psychic to help me with life situations it would have to be her.
    She has revealed to me the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY and she has done this over and over again with complete understanding, deep courage and humility and most importantly sheer grace.
    As I am writing this, I am thinking back to so many times of what she had predicted for me that have come to pass. For instance, she had told me that my company was going to close and move to another state. IT DID!, and in the time frame she predicted. She told me of twin girls that she saw around me constantly and after that twin girls were born in my family (strange thing was, no one was pregnant at the time). In another reading she predicted a close family member who was married for a while would get divorced – and it happened and in the time frame.. So many things have come true as she predicted, and if I was to list them all, this testimonial would turn into a 500 page novel.

    Debi’s spirit is of beauty inside and out. I am so blessed to have this woman in my life, I am eternally grateful for all she has done and continues to do for me.

    May GOD shine down on Debi and bless her and her family and keep her happy and well………..

  • 8. I have known Debi Blackey and she has read me for over 10 years. In the earlier years she assisted me with my dog Sam. This enabled me to better understand him and his needs. One time she told me that he had an ear infection. I told her this was not possible since he was not exhibiting any symptoms. She insisted I take him to the vet so I did. I have to be honest I wasn’t totally comfortable about it but she was so convinced he had an ear infection so I took Sam to the vet. I told the vet I thought my dog had an ear infection. The vet said he didn’t look like he had an infection – there were no outward symptoms. She checked his ears and said he has an ear infection deep in his ear. She looked at me and said how did you know? I said lucky guess – I wasn’t about to say how I knew but of course I called and told Debi and gave many thanks.

  • 9. I have to admit that I didn’t come to Debi 3 years ago looking for guidance. Rather, I came to be entertained. I wanted to see if this psychic stuff was all it cracked up to be. So I went in with an open mind, hoping that I would be impressed. During the reading, Debi really nailed details of my current life… oddly specific details that I didn’t think a psychic would even pick up on. She also told me lots of things about my future… things at the time I didn’t really take seriously.

    But now… 3 years later, I’ve come to find that almost every single thing that Debi told me came true! I am completely astonished. I’ve never been the type to live by what she told me though, rather, I just did my thing and every once in a while, something would happen and I’d be like, “Oh crap! Thats Exactly what Debi said!”

    Long story short, Debi is amazing. And beyond her extraordinary abilities, at the core of it, she really does care. She takes the role of the best friend and a psychic.

  • 10. I met Debi at Red Heads in Tinton Falls over ten years ago. Coming fresh from yet another ‘spot on’ reading, I felt it as good of a time as any to add my testimonial.
    First, Debi is a teacher. At the beginning of a reading she explains your lifes path through numerology. The belief that we are here for a purpose, to learn lessons, and possibly help others with their lessons is the most important message she teaches.
    Debi has a natural fluidity as she moves from the number wheel to the cards, which are a tool she uses to begin a virtual analysis of your life, your family and what direction you are taking.
    Debi’s keen sense and memory play an important role as your relationship with her develops. Debi acknowleges the fact that she is on her journey and her experiences compliment the reading.
    Do not misunderstand, the reading is all about you. Through her reading of photos of friends and family, and the questions she asks you to think of before the reading, all of this, bring together a complete picture of your life.
    A total experience. Entertaining, yes, but not entertainment.

  • 11. Debbie Blackey is truly amazing. It was my first reading at 49 years old and before I sat in her chair she knew things that no one could possibly know unless they were inside my head. She is not only reading your past, present and future, but, she is truly compassionate about your life. She cares about what is happening and tries to guide you in the right direction. Her intuitive gift is filled with knowledge and love as well. I consider her a friend/family after only one visit with her. Debi is gifted in many ways and her talent will take her to beautiful places in life. I recommend everyone get a reading from her and you will be blessed with her answers.

  • 12. I am blessed to call Debi Blackey my long-term personal psychic counselor. Before I get into her accuracies as examples of her outstanding gift, I want to describe why she stands out far and beyond any other psychic; I have seen about 10 in the past decade to 15 years, so I can make the comparison with confidence. Debi, unlike others, takes her time with you. You can also feel her unconditional love and grace; she genuinely wants to help, to give you your own power of positivity, to teach you to open your own doors of destiny. She is a true counselor in this very real, ultimately important sense.

    Now, to her jaw-dropping, heart-stopping accuracies. I have seen Debi about 20 times in the past seven years, and therefore, so many incredible accuracies to mention. But I will try to give you some of the more profound and recent highlights.

    About seven years ago, our first reading, she had stopped and shaken her head, with a tiny smile. “I keep seeing David, David, David! It just doesn’t stop!” she exclaimed. She looked at me quizzically, “well, who is David?”

    Huh. I was stumped. Sure, it’s a common name, like dandelions in April. But the only David I knew at the time was the estranged brother of my boyfriend at the time. Yet, on second thought, after searching my head, I alighted upon a David in my orbit, barely a casual acquaintance. I said nothing as I dismissed him. Now, as I write this, David is the love of my life, that true rare relationship I have always wanted but never had.

    A few years ago, she said, “Roger Daltrey? What happened with him?” Well, my meeting with The Who lead singer took place in 1992, and was quite memorable for the both of us. About a year ago, a similar name sputtered forth: “Andy War … Andy War something … Andy Warhole!” she finally pronounced the name of the legendary pop artist, Andy Warhol. Again, my heart almost stopped. It was back in 1986, at a party in NYC. I was 19. We were introduced. He became instantly fixated on me. I found out later that he wanted to do his typical Warhol thing, to make me one of his “stars,” like a second coming of his Factory Girl.

    She had accurately predicted so many other things. My grandmother’s breast cancer that was benign, and a simple procedure to get rid of. She always predicted the vacation spots and times that David and I would be, as well as key highlights in the development of our relationship. She accurately predicted losing two female friends, one work-related, one personal, and she named them.

    I work for myself. My last reading, she mentioned that I “would be offered an office job.” I was clueless because I have not been seeking an office job, it is not on my wish list, I have no interest. Sure enough, I got a call from a human resource specialist seeking to try to place me in a well-paying job for which I was perfectly suited. By the way, dear reader, this was the very first time this occurred since I’ve been self-employed for nearly 8 years; and it is the only time Debi mentioned anything like it.

    I have taken enough of your time. Thank you for reading my testimonial. Please remember: If you have never gone to Debi before, or never gone to a true psychic counselor, Debi has introductory sessions, at 15-minutes. Call or email her for the dates and times. This serves as great entree.


  • 13. When I first met Debi Blackey, it was a gift from my husband for my 38th birthday. My husband told me he was bringing me somewhere, but didn’t tell me where, SURPRISE, I met Debi for the first time. That was 12 years ago, I am now 50 and I still see Debi on a regular basis. Her gift is so extraordinary, and anyone that meets her is lucky to have her share her gift and her time with you.

    My husband laughs now when I say I need to go see Debi… he doesn’t believe you should know what is going to happen in the future. It is the knowing of, that makes you more aware of, or even pay attention to, certain things you might not think are as important then they seem.

    Debi’s gift and sharing her time with you… gives you inspiration, thoughts and ideas, that leaves you, and only you, to do with as you please, but mostly to help guide you on your path in life.

    My favorite part is bringing Debi pictures of my family members, and how she can look at their picture and give me her thoughts, and how on the money she is about their personalities and experiences they might be having, especially with my kids who don’t always share things. She has helped me with all 3 of my kids when I have had concerns… It’s being forewarned, or made aware of that gives you the opportunity to reshape and mold the path you are walking on. Again, my husband says your not suppose to know the future, but its knowing, that what might happen in the future, that gives you the opportunity to change, and re map the steps that you might take.


  • 14. Debi Blackey, is a one of a kind women and I knew it the moment I met her at Charley’s restaurant in Monmouth Beach, NJ. When I first met her she looked at me, told me to shut my mouth and wait my turn for a reading. I was completely astonished by this woman who had never met me but could tell me so abruptly to wait my turn. Who the hell was she I said to my friends…they laughed and said she is the best and you will want to wait your turn.

    After waiting for over 2 hours I finally sat in her chair. She was so bossy but at the same time I felt like I knew her my whole life. It’s been almost 2 years now and I have to say that since Debi came into my life so many amazing things have happened to me. She is not only a true psychic but a sharp shooter and has a heart of gold. Debi, tells me the way it is and the way it’s going to happen. Sometimes I truly want her to be wrong but as I go back and listen to my tapes I find out that she is always right.

    Overall Debi has a gift that was given to her for a reason and I am so happy that she shares this amazing gift with not only me but with the world. She is Unstoppable!!!


  • 15. Debi is definitely one of a kind. I never thought I’d be such a repeat client, but once you have a reading with her you’re hooked. From her delivery to the actual substance of the reading, where do I begin? She doesn’t beat around the bush. She says what she says, she means it, and she’s right! She has a true gift and she’s someone you’d want to have in your “circle”. She makes you feel comfortable and she treats you like a best friend. She’s a great person and truly wants to help people.

    Here is just a little sample into my readings with Debi. Upon first site of me, typically, a person would describe me as quiet, innocent, and sweet. Well, that’s not exactly the impression that Debi got. Yes, I can be all of those things. But, she said something that no-one would’ve ever guessed about me. She said, “I see you making a lot of dollar bills. Are you a dancer?” I nearly fell off the chair. She would have never known that. No-one, would have ever known that! This is a perfect example of the type of statement that she just throws out there and it just blows your mind. That is not something that someone would just guess about me! Especially me!

    To give you a little of my background information: At that time in my life I was in a relationship (8 years deep) with someone I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. When she told me I would meet someone else at the bar I worked at I actually cried. That’s how much in love with the 8 year relationship I was. She told me that I was going to meet someone who was going to wine me and dine me. I quickly dismissed that as not true and said, No, that would never happen because I would never date someone from the bar and I was with the person I would marry!

    So, some time past and I stopped dancing (for the sake of my sanity) and my 8 year (old) boyfriend who just couldn’t handle my new job. That led to a break-up (because you can’t tell me what to do), which led me back to Debi.

    Debi absolutely insisted that I go back to dancing. She said, something is going to happen for you. You’re going to meet someone and things are going to change for you. She said, you need to go back. She actually picked up her phone and dialed the club for me! She handed me the phone so I could tell them I was coming back! Who does that?! Debi does! Like I said before, she doesn’t beat around the bush, she meant what she said and she was right!

    I returned to dancing and almost immediately quite possibly met the man of my dreams. I brought him in to see Debi and she said we’d be engaged within 2 years. I didn’t know if I’d be with him the next 2 months, let alone 2 years. I was still heartbroken over my 8 year relationship break-up. But, something kept me with my new guy and ended up working out just like Debi said. It’s been 2 years, and we are engaged to be married this winter. This was not in “my” plan, but it was definitely in “the cards” and Debi knew it. And he did wine me and dine me just like she had said months prior, before I even met him. We went out to dinner every night the first year (if that’s not being wined and dined, then I don’t know what is). That little statement (something that I so easily dismissed) turned out to be part of something that changed my life. That just goes to prove you can’t just dismiss things she says because you “think” she’s wrong or you “think” it would never happen. You have to have an open mind. You never know which way your life is going to turn. I can’t stress enough how much Debi wants to help and truly cares about the people that she reads for. She is always there for you and goes above and beyond your expectations. She wants to help you and she will set you straight if she has to. After every reading I always feel refreshed, uplifted, and enlightened. In other words, I just feel good! A reading with her is like speaking with your best friend only it’s better, because she “just knows things”.

  • 16. Growing up with a mother who spent a ton of money we didn’t have on seeking answers and insight from various psychics who usually were frauds…..i was very skeptical and doubtful of so called psychics and spiritual readers. Although I did have some belief from one person I met in my life who did indeed truly have a gift, seeing my mother get let down over and over again had jaded me. My little sister went to Debi first. When she told me how on point she was with everything it sparked my interest. I was going through a tumultuous time in my life and needed insight on what my next steps should be with my career and love life. Although the reading seemed quite accurate and very insightful to me at the time, my skepticism kept me doubting. It wasn’t until a few weeks after the reading that one by one everything Debi told me started to come true….in detail that no one could possibly foresee. One year later I listened to our session and it just blew me away. She had predicted a year and more of my life. The insight she gave me helped to protect me from making the wrong decisions. Debi continued to follow up with me to make sure I was ok and on my right path. She has now become an advisor for a lot of my family and a friend to all of us. Her insight and advice during times of crisis have proven to be helpful and often spot on. I have sent numerous people to her and the feedback is always the same. Debi is truly gifted, sincere and just one amazing human being.

  • 17. My wife met with Debi three times, myself twice. I was dragged kicking and screaming to the first meeting as I did not believe in this stuff. To me anyone in this game was a charlatan whose sole purpose was false prophesy and decreasing ones checkbook. Boy, was I wrong. Within minutes Debi hit on things she could not know, about me, about my wife. Once the chills left my spine, I really paid attention. Thus far, after having listened to the tapes of our sessions again, she has uncannily had keen vision to things she mentioned could happen. So far batting a thousand.
    As such, I look forward to seeing Debi again……..neither kicking or screaming!

    Mike Bradshaw

  • 18. I have to start off by saying that I have been going to Debi on and off for 13 years and she is AMAZING! I feel like I am hanging with a friend who just happens to have a wonderful gift… She has been spot on even when things sound like absolutely no way-i have learned long ago just to accept, I don’t always listen because I have to learn my life lessons, sometimes again and again and again-which Debi of course points out! 😉 Debi has become a friend to me, but how awesome to have someone that you don’t have to explain every little thing to, she does KNOWS-Her insight and ability help center me and make me feel great even if it is something I may not want to hear. Enjoy your time with Debi and even if you are unsure, just sit back and let life unfold and see how many of the things she told you about happen and then like me you will NEVER doubt!!!

    Michele B.

  • 19. “Debi has been a powerful force in my spiritual life. She’s helped me grow by sharing her intuition and insight into what is coming around the corner. She’s been able to guide me in ways that have helped to make me a better person overall. She’s creative and talented and has been able to predict things that I could have never seen myself.” DG Boston, MA

  • 20. Debi Blackey has exceptional pyschic and intuitive abilities. She is able to predict with impressive accuracy – life events. Not only have I experienced first hand – mind blowing readings, I know several people who have as well. Each time I walk away I am left wondering just how Debi knows what she knows. She is skilled in palmistry, numerology, and clairvoyance. She uses these abilities along with her genuine understanding of human nature to predict events. I would highly recommend Debi to anyone wanting an accurate life prediction. AH

  • 21. Debi,
    I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that I have you in my life and for all that you have done for me throughout all of these years.. You are a beautiful and wonderful person inside and out. God sends you into people’s lives for a reason and I am so glad that he had brought you into mine. I would never be where I am today emotionally, physically, or financially without you here. I honestly don’t even know what kind of person I would of still been without you helping and guiding me. You are a true blessing and I want you to know and believe that. Linda

  • 22. I’m so blessed to have met such a wonderful soul as Debi Blackey. She was able to give me guidance thru the years and help me have some peace of mind that things would work themselves out. She’s very accurate and honest in her readings. I was having a hard time getting pregnant, and she was able to pin point the exact time frame when it would happen. Also, she revealed other events in my life that were accurate. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for an honest, professional, sincere reading! You will not be disappointed.

    I will continue to spread the word about her great services and always have her in mind for any clarity needed in my life.
    Thank you kindly and May the Lord continue to bless you and your family!


  • 23. I’ve been going to Debi for close to 15 years and am committed to her services, as she has proved herself to be accurate and trustworthy. Typically I use her guidance during important decisions that have confused or emotionally challenged me throughout my life. Every time I get a reading, I not only feel better in the moment but as time progresses.

    Most recently, I adopted a puppy, who was barking during one of my readings. She immediately picked up on his personality and warned me that he has allergies. No later than two days, I was rushing my dog to the emergency room and totally forgot that she had warned me about this. This instance serves as a minor example; however, her readings have provided me with 100% confidence that she is legitimate and real. So real, she definitely does not beat around the bush. Whether big or small, if you’re looking for guidance in the short term or long term, I highly recommend and Debi whether big or small, if you’re looking for guidance in the short term or long term, I highly recommend and Debi.

    Entrepreneur and Established Professional

  • 24. I met Debi Blackey for the first time in November 2014. I was recommended by a friend. I have never truly been a “believer” since my only experience with a psychic person was at a house party in my 20’s and the information was all wrong. When I visited Debi, I guess you could say that I was in a crisis of emotions and direction. I am divorced since 2012, however, I have been on my own since October 2011. Paying a mortgage, etc., and raising my girls. I had met someone special (so I thought) and had a 2+ year relationship. As all you single moms know, it’s very difficult to balance work, children and a semi-life. This person was NOT who I thought he was or what I hoped. I was so saddened by the outcome that I felt I needed some direction. Debi’s reading, which was a two-hour session over a two day period, made me feel so much better about myself. She absolutely pointed out what I had been doing wrong. I didn’t need to say a word. She gave me advice and direction. I LISTENED. I also contacted Christina Eckert, a friend of Debi’s. She is a spiritual cleanser. My appointment with her via phone was overwhelming. I have spent many years in therapy on and off, and I can honestly say that meeting Debi and speaking with Christina have helped me more than the money I wasted on therapy. I have taken Debi’s advice and direction. Don’t be afraid. It’s not frightening. She doesn’t say anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. She sees and tells the truth. It’s a positive experience and I recommend her as much as I can. I feel she is my friend. I feel a sort of connection with her. If you’re open, you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Dina.

  • 23. Debi Blackey is one of the most accurate most powerful physics I have ever encountered. She has been doing our Holiday Party since 2015 and will do so this year as well. She blows people away with her accuracy. Throughout the year people come up to me and tell me her predictions and how they have come true. She has done the same with me. Things that would not seem possible or I believe could not happen do..She predicted my relationship with someone to a T. How he lost his job, regained it, what would happen to us etc.. needless to say she told me to get rid of him .. but I didn’t listen and so many negative things have happened because of him. I finally listened she told me I would have a house which I thought was impossible.. and guess what.. I have my house.. she even predicted a promotion at work and how much of an increase I would receive and timeframe. I’m a firm believer in her not only did I get that promotion in the said timeframe but I got the specific increase as well.. she has a gift. I will always go back to her time and time gain. MJO