I have known Debi Blackey and she has read me for over 10 years. In the earlier years she assisted me with my dog Sam. This enabled me to better understand him and his needs. One time she told me that he had an ear infection. I told her this was not possible since he was not exhibiting any symptoms. She insisted I take him to the vet so I did. I have to be honest I wasn’t totally comfortable about it but she was so convinced he had an ear infection so I took Sam to the vet. I told the vet I thought my dog had an ear infection. The vet said he didn’t look like he had an infection – there were no outward symptoms. She checked his ears and said he has an ear infection deep in his ear. She looked at me and said how did you know? I said lucky guess – I wasn’t about to say how I knew but of course I called and told Debi and gave many thanks.