Intuitive Coaching

I have utilized my intuitive skill set and techniques to assist my clients to optimize their financial success based on their individual needs, all while making client confidentiality a priority. Let me provide you with an advantage that will help you to maximize your success in all aspects of your life, including your career business ventures.

My work is driven by a passion to help people to obtain real results towards reaching personal goals and financial success. My approach is very unique: I utilize my “natural and uncanny gift of perception” as well as proprietary techniques to open pathways for my clients seeking advice in dealing with people and situations, including: clients, employers and employees-assessing difficult circumstances, seeking solutions to job searches and career development, resolving a wide variety of challenges along with compensation, business, and financial ventures.

What you can expect when we begin to do our coaching (either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions). Each session is approximately 30 minutes, where we go over your obstacles, set future goals in line for what your needs are for the best outcome so we can maximize the greatest success.

Starting @ $150 per session depending on each person’s individual needs.  Please email me at: to set up a call to further discuss.


“I have been seeing Debi Blackey for over 15 years and I can confidently say she has changed my life. What started out as a client/psychic relationship slowly turned into a working/life-coaching partnership. Debi has given me hope and insight into my life and helped me look at myself, actions and career in a different light. Debi has also helped immensely within my career and intuitively coaching me to the next level. She is extremely strategic when it comes to life – coaching and assists throughout the entire lifecycle of your goals and aspirations.

“Debi not only has a special gift, but is an amazing person. Loo Thank you Debi for helping me grow personally and financially.”

—Olivia S. Picinich

“Do you want a competitive edge at work? Do you want to grow as a person to understand other perspectives so you are more effective? Do you want to excel at what you do by taking the shortest path to get there? Do you want to be the best you can be in your career and as a leader in your company? Then you must hire Debi! I have benefited beyond what can even be explained by working with Debi. She is not just any coach as her gift is remarkable. Start to live the life you deserve. Hiring a coach like Debi is an investment in you, your career and your life. I have worked with her for 15 years and so very thankful for her. You will not be disappointed!”

—Annemarie, client for life 

“Debi Blackey has been working with me as my intuitive advisor for over 10 years.  In 2015 she became my life- coach.  At the time I had a career coach for several months and wasn’t seeing concrete results.  I was disappointed and about to give up coaching in general.  Once I started with Debi as my coach, my income TRIPPLED the first year.  It has consistently been going up substantially ever year since.  She has been there right by my side helping me overcome many obstacles in my personal and professional life.  Debi is a true blessing and I am so happy to have her in my life.”

—Jaqueline Koven

Debi entered my life a little over 6 months ago, but I feel like I’ve known her my entire life. Her professionalism, mindfulness, and impressive embodiment of her gift has benefited my life beyond words. If you’re seeking intentional & exponential growth, while organically elevating your life, look no further than Debi Blackey. Her gift has not only given me an undeniable advantage in my professional life, but also within my personal.  I have conquered achievements I’ve never deemed possible, and have approached situations in such a bold, impactful manner that has only returned to me tenfold. I must admit that she is a person to be experienced to understand the enamor. She will tell you like it is on the drop of the dime – but I can’t emphasize enough – it IS exactly what you need to hear, and comes from a genuine place of love. Run, don’t walk, to have an opportunity to meet this special human being. Without a shadow of a doubt, Debi will remain my lifelong friend.

—Kim R.

Debi has an amazing gift that allows her to share information that is incredibly helpful.  When I first met Debi, it was because I wanted to understand more about my romantic life, but it became apparent that she was incredibly talented in tuning in to complex work dynamics, situations and business deals.  About 2 years ago, I began regularly meeting with Debi to guide me in relation to business dealings. And, she has been spot on time and time again. She has helped me to better understand executives who I work with and to close deals in a smart way.  Debi truly cares about my success as she sees it as an extension of hers.  Debi’s coaching has been instrumental in growing my own business and being a successful entrepreneur.   She is truly one of a kind and has been blessed with a gift that she has nurtured.

—DG, Boston, MA