About Me

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Debi Blackey, I am a pretty average person on the outside, some people will agree that I am a little complicated on the inside. Being born with an uncanny gift of perception and having an extremely strong sense of knowing, with my own intuition has led me along the journey to where I am now.

Unfortunately, I didn’t come with an owner’s manual or instructions.  Looking for the answers to “What is my life purpose?”, “When is it my time to achieve success?”, “Why do I have to go through the things I do?” That is what led me on a quest for those answers. After 26 years of searching, who knew that one card reading could change my life forever!!!

I have a very high regard for the work I do and client confidentiality is most important to me. My passion is helping people by guiding them to their own path and seeing the results makes my heart sing. I like to treat people the way I want to be treated.  I do admit that I am a little bossy at times, funny, and all over the place. I do like to say it like it is, no B.S. from me.  I am a very particular person and at times a bit O.C.D. I was once called, “a creative perfectionist”, by one of my dear clients. I am proud to say that I have long-standing relationships that I cherish.

My approach to the work that I do is simple, I just read “energy”.  Starting with your birthday, I get information about who you are as a person, what your life lessons entail, what year of the schedule you are in and what you can expect from the coming year. Having your questions written on paper helps guide me in the direction I need to catch the vibes. I don’t look at the questions-by putting them under the crystals, they usually get answered before the end of the session. I read regular cards that have LOONEY TUNES characters on them and the energy from them.  I don’t channel the dead, I have enough problems dealing with the living!!!

I will be the first to admit that I just know things, but I don’t know everything. Since there is no time in space, I can tell you things but time is not one of them. One thing that I will tell you for sure is that this “gift” of mine (at times) surely can be a “curse”!