I have to admit that I didn’t come to Debi 3 years ago looking for guidance. Rather, I came to be entertained. I wanted to see if this psychic stuff was all it cracked up to be. So I went in with an open mind, hoping that I would be impressed. During the reading, Debi really nailed details of my current life… oddly specific details that I didn’t think a psychic would even pick up on. She also told me lots of things about my future… things at the time I didn’t really take seriously.

But now… 3 years later, I’ve come to find that almost every single thing that Debi told me came true! I am completely astonished. I’ve never been the type to live by what she told me though, rather, I just did my thing and every once in a while, something would happen and I’d be like, “Oh crap! Thats Exactly what Debi said!”

Long story short, Debi is amazing. And beyond her extraordinary abilities, at the core of it, she really does care. She takes the role of the best friend and a psychic.