I met Debi at Red Heads in Tinton Falls over ten years ago. Coming fresh from yet another ‘spot on’ reading, I felt it as good of a time as any to add my testimonial.

First, Debi is a teacher. At the beginning of a reading she explains your lifes path through numerology. The belief that we are here for a purpose, to learn lessons, and possibly help others with their lessons is the most important message she teaches.

Debi has a natural fluidity as she moves from the number wheel to the cards, which are a tool she uses to begin a virtual analysis of your life, your family and what direction you are taking.

Debi’s keen sense and memory play an important role as your relationship with her develops. Debi acknowleges the fact that she is on her journey and her experiences compliment the reading.

Do not misunderstand, the reading is all about you. Through her reading of photos of friends and family, and the questions she asks you to think of before the reading, all of this, bring together a complete picture of your life.

A total experience. Entertaining, yes, but not entertainment.