I am blessed to call Debi Blackey my long-term personal psychic counselor. Before I get into her accuracies as examples of her outstanding gift, I want to describe why she stands out far and beyond any other psychic; I have seen about 10 in the past decade to 15 years, so I can make the comparison with confidence. Debi, unlike others, takes her time with you. You can also feel her unconditional love and grace; she genuinely wants to help, to give you your own power of positivity, to teach you to open your own doors of destiny. She is a true counselor in this very real, ultimately important sense.

Now, to her jaw-dropping, heart-stopping accuracies. I have seen Debi about 20 times in the past seven years, and therefore, so many incredible accuracies to mention. But I will try to give you some of the more profound and recent highlights.

About seven years ago, our first reading, she had stopped and shaken her head, with a tiny smile. “I keep seeing David, David, David! It just doesn’t stop!” she exclaimed. She looked at me quizzically, “well, who is David?”

Huh. I was stumped. Sure, it’s a common name, like dandelions in April. But the only David I knew at the time was the estranged brother of my boyfriend at the time. Yet, on second thought, after searching my head, I alighted upon a David in my orbit, barely a casual acquaintance. I said nothing as I dismissed him. Now, as I write this, David is the love of my life, that true rare relationship I have always wanted but never had.

A few years ago, she said, “Roger Daltrey? What happened with him?” Well, my meeting with The Who lead singer took place in 1992, and was quite memorable for the both of us. About a year ago, a similar name sputtered forth: “Andy War … Andy War something … Andy Warhole!” she finally pronounced the name of the legendary pop artist, Andy Warhol. Again, my heart almost stopped. It was back in 1986, at a party in NYC. I was 19. We were introduced. He became instantly fixated on me. I found out later that he wanted to do his typical Warhol thing, to make me one of his “stars,” like a second coming of his Factory Girl.

She had accurately predicted so many other things. My grandmother’s breast cancer that was benign, and a simple procedure to get rid of. She always predicted the vacation spots and times that David and I would be, as well as key highlights in the development of our relationship. She accurately predicted losing two female friends, one work-related, one personal, and she named them.

I work for myself. My last reading, she mentioned that I “would be offered an office job.” I was clueless because I have not been seeking an office job, it is not on my wish list, I have no interest. Sure enough, I got a call from a human resource specialist seeking to try to place me in a well-paying job for which I was perfectly suited. By the way, dear reader, this was the very first time this occurred since I’ve been self-employed for nearly 8 years; and it is the only time Debi mentioned anything like it.

I have taken enough of your time. Thank you for reading my testimonial. Please remember: If you have never gone to Debi before, or never gone to a true psychic counselor, Debi has introductory sessions, at 15-minutes. Call or email her for the dates and times. This serves as great entree.