I have met Debi over 20 years ago by sheer accident: waiting for a doctor’s visit in the same building Debi’s office was at the time. The door had a sign “Moonlight Enterprises” and when a woman came out of the office I asked her what was this about. She told me it was a place for psychic readings. I was very intrigued and shortly after Debi came out of her office, I asked her if I could book an appointment. That was a beginning of years long “relationship”.

The doctor did not help me, but Debi did. She told me things that all came so true. I have been to her for the readings numerous times over the years. Every few years, when things were going uphill with jobs, family issues, etc., Debi was able to see the positive resolution, offered coaching to get that resolution. She is truly gifted in what she does. Every time I went for a reading, I was very skeptical, always on guard as I did not want to “give anything away” but Debi still was able to read me with unbelievable accuracy. She could see things years in advance when I said were not possible to happen. But every time she said something is going to happen it always did happened and it happened just the way she described it. Even though I know how good she is at what she does I am still amazed every time things come true in exactly the way she said they would.

Debi is compassionate, honest, maybe a little eccentric, her gift is undeniable. Once you meet Debi, you will see there is not another person like her out there and you will find yourself coming back to her for her intuitive readings. I know I will be back again for sure.