Nicole W

I have been coming to Debi for 8 years now, and I must say she is good at her craft. I not only go to her for her abilities but also as a friend. I typically will meet with her for a reading once a year and she never disappoints- from love, to career, to health she really shares it all in a confident manner. Her energy wheel really sheds light into where you are it in your life and gives you some reasoning behind what you may be going through at the moment. My most recent visit with her I had come to her at a low point, having been unemployed for 8 months. She gave me guidance, sent me with a candle and instructions on how to essentially put out into the universe what I wanted. She told me I would not be on unemployment more than a month before I was offered a job. Low and behold I just accepted an offer! Her accuracy is astounding. Debi is truly talented, compassionate and really invests in her clients. Professional yet quirky and I enjoy every bit of it!