Wow! Debi Blackey amazed me so! Me, a complete stranger, being the guarded person that I am. But this was not for long for Debi had the ability to read me like a blueprint once we started. It was amazing! She gave me information that was so very true and I am now astonished to see many events unfolding with questions I had asked her and some things that helped me that she had wanted me to know. Many things I’d never thought could happen – did happen, nor were they things within my control to change in my future…they just happened. I’ve always had a good sense about people and I know that Debi is truly gifted in her readings and know how very fortunate we are that she is sharing her knowledge. She has been blessed with a very special gift and is a genuine, good and caring person. I am so very touched that I’d met Debi and our paths were able to cross and am sure that you will feel the same. I know that I will be reaching out to Debi again in the future.