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Suite 5E Jackson, NJ 08527
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Debi Blackey was born with a natural gift of knowing, and after many years of struggling with it found a way to put it to good use. Inspired by friends, family and strangers, Debi founded Moonlight Enterprises Inc. in 1996.

This has enabled her to help many people with various types of psychic readings including her own version of a numerology system based on birthdays and the number schedule. She is currently working on a book project.

Debi also reads palms, does picture analysis, psychometry – working with objects, and reads cards. After a short while in business Debi realized she needed to find a way to give back for the gifts she had. It was at that time that she helped a local New Jersey family open a foundation, the C.F.S.R. Foundation, to help find a cure for their rare disease.

Moonlight Enterprises, Inc.
19 North County Line Road
Building 3, Suite 5E
Jackson, NJ 08527