Suzanne from New Jersey

I’ve known Debi Blackey for several years now. When it comes to accuracy, her gift is not only remarkable, it is unmatched. But there is one thing that especially sets Debi Blackey apart from other psychics – she cares – genuinely. Debi’s intention is not merely to share her gift through a string of mind – exactly the way she foretells), but to instead guide and help you. There is a genuineness to all she does. She at times will become concerned and almost disturbed when she finds that you have strayed from your path, therefore causing you to move in a direction that could possibly prove harmful. When you sit with Debi ,or speak with her on the telephone, (depending on the type of reading you may have chosen), you immediately sense her need, along with her desire, to give you the strength and knowledge you need, in an effort to provide you with a means of working through your particular situation. She has unhesitatingly helped (at any time she was asked-and at a moment’s notice), members of my family during times of great distress – and for that I will always be grateful. Should you believe that there are people amongst us who are truly gifted with uncanny knowledge and foresight, and if you find you are seeking the help of just such a person, then Debi Blackey is that person. I feel truly blessed that somewhere along the path of my journey through this world, I met and have come to know Debi Blackey – my special friend – who just happens to be an extraordinary intuitive. How fortunate are we all that in this crazy world we live in – she showed up. Thanks Debi -for everything.